Mo’ Babies — Enjoy the First Days

Fri, September 19, 2008


A couple of the blogosphere’s great organizers are doing it again — we’re having a virtual shower for two blogging women I love, and who inspire me and make me laugh — Kristen at Motherhood Uncensored and Rebecca at Girl’s Gone Child.

But the topic we’ve been asked to write about is a hard one for me — share a post reminiscing about the early baby days of our children, those first moments when tiny squirming bundles of joy came into our lives.

The thing is this — I would give anything to have had those moments, but I didn’t. As lots of you already know, PunditGirl joined our family by adoption and she was 12 months old when we traveled to China to bring her home. The first photo we have of her was at about three months old. She was not a happy camper in that first picture, but I can’t say I blame her — she was really having a bad hair day. But I do laugh to myself when I hold that tiny photo in my hand, looking at the angry scowl that I see often now, smiling about the fact that she already had perfected that look in her baby days.

So all I can really say to Kristen and Rebecca is this — you already know that certain aspects of your new arrival will be hell, like being up all night with the feedings, but treasure every tiny baby moment and remember it and document it for your new little one.

For me, I wish I knew what it was like to hold a newborn PunditGirl and press my face to the top of her newborn baby head. I wish I knew what it was like to hold her when she was brand new to the world.

I’d give just about anything to have had those moments with PunditGirl. So I’m counting on the two of you to have them for me and save them for your new babies so you can tell them when they are not babies anymore.

For your new son or daughter, even though they’re not the first, take plenty of pictures and write down your experiences, so they’ll have an idea of what life was like when they became a part of your families. PunditGirl is now at an age where she wants to hear the stories about what she was like and who held her and rocked her and fed her and loved her in those first days. I wish I had something better to tell her than, “I’m not sure,” or that “I’m sure” her China Mom rocked her and held her like a small treasure before saying ‘zai jian.’

Kristen and Rebecca, I love you both so much and you’ve both been great bloggy friends and inspirations to me in many ways. I hope I will have a chance to hold each of your new babies when they arrive, and I’ll try not to cry too much if I do.

The anticipation of two new beginnings that you will be witness to will be wonderful and special and I hope they will be filled with happiness.

Each beginning has it’s own unique happiness, doesn’t it?

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9 Responses to “Mo’ Babies — Enjoy the First Days”


    You are such an inspiration. Such an incredible mother, woman, friend. Thank you for always knowing just what to say. Hugging you virtually and kissing your cheeks. Punditgirl is so effing lucky to have you as her mother. Your love knows no bounds.

  2. Pecos Blue Says:

    Very sweet indeed!

  3. Motherhood Uncensored Says:

    For all those days and nights I wish I could have pressed fast forward, I know there are many mamas(and even me now that’s it’s all over, at least for my first two) who’d love to have those.

    You’re amazing.

  4. Vintage Mommy Says:

    Hi Pundit Mom,
    I’m an adoptive mom of a daughter (age 7) too. We adopted her at birth (in the US) so I did have those newborn moments and I feel incredibly lucky.

    With every milestone, I feel some sadness that she’s growing up, especially knowing she’s my “one and only”.

    You’re clearly a very thoughtful and sensitive mom who will help Pundit Girl make her own peace with her past.

    Thanks for this post; I’m looking for other adoptive moms in the blogosphere and I hope you’ll visit my blog sometime . . .

  5. Kel-Bell Says:

    Love the photo.

    What a lil’ cutie patutie.

    Mine are Tweenkins now, ages 13 and 10 with birthdays coming up.

    -The great thing about families, is we get to make new memories every day.

  6. Rabidparadise Says:

    This was a beautiful read. Thank you so much for sharing. Sometimes, it’s hard to realize what you could be missing out on. And, I agree with girl’s gone are truly an inspiration!

  7. Shonda Little Says:

    Jeez….I didn’t know I was going to cry. Beautiful.

  8. Alli Says:

    this is a beautiful post – your daughter is lucky to have you for her mama. i’m sure you appreciate all the moments just that much more because of how she came to be yours.

  9. mothergoosemouse Says:

    Hey, you’re a winner! Come back to the shower site (or just email me) to see what you’ve won.

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