PunditMom on CNN: Sarah Palin Ready for Prime Time??

Sun, September 7, 2008


Well, I made my leap into the world of TV “talking head’s” last night! We didn’t get as much time as we thought due to some technical difficulties, but I’m really hoping for a do over — when you’re sitting there, you think it’s going OK, then after you see it, there are so many things to do differently!

Like not being as nice to my conservative opponent! ;)

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34 Responses to “PunditMom on CNN: Sarah Palin Ready for Prime Time??”

  1. OmegaMom Says:

    Hah! I saw that while we were at a restaurant! Welcome to the world of Talking Heads.

  2. Liz Says:

    Hmm, maybe you were a little too nice, but the more she talked the less she actually said anything that addressed the questions! Pointing out that Palin is the governor of Alaska is an example of sexism? Huh?

  3. Sunshine Says:

    I’m so darn proud of my girl PM!!!

    How nervewracking!!

  4. resolvingtimelineissues Says:

    Hey, the CNN guy asked for a do-over – you’ll get it and you’ll knock their socks off.

  5. Amy Says:

    Most excellent! You did fabulous. What I liked most was your poise and your sensibility.

  6. Shonda Little Says:

    First, you rocked my face off and I’m pretty proud of your progressive voice. Speak for us, girl!
    Now, I have to say, I love watching you shake your head as old girl talk about all the horrific ramifications of sexism. I could really see the “Are you for real?” look on your face. The look that really said, “I wish I had your opinion on this six months ago as the brilliant Fox News anchors debated about Hillary’s pant suits.”
    You kicked ass and I really want to let people know that this lady has left a comment on my blog.

  7. Suzanne Says:

    Great job!

  8. Adrienne Says:

    you were awesome, technical difficulties suck but eh what can you do?

    That chick has bothered me since she was on the Real World.

  9. Shonda Little Says:

    Thank you, Adrienne, I was trying to figure out how I knew her.

  10. sandy shoes Says:

    Well done! Looking forward to the D.O. for more.

  11. Paige Says:

    you go on with your bad self! you did great.

  12. Kim Moldofsky Says:

    Way to go Pundit Mom. I did’t really understand why they were so hellbent on comparing the Obama, a presidential candidate, to the VP candidate. I hope he makes good on his promise to have you back!

  13. anniegirl1138 Says:

    I thought it was good of you to bail Rachel out when she clearly missed the train on the experience thing.

    Was gratified to see you try to swing things around to to the issues and to remind everyone that Obama is running against McCain and not Palin.

    Is it just me or do Republicans seem a bit over-eager about Palin? She’d be just the VP. It almost seems like they are hoping McCain doesn’t last too long and she could serve him out.

    Off topic a bit, wasn’t Rachel one of the roommates on MTV’s Real World? Five kids? Wow, I have gotten old.

  14. eleventeen Says:

    You made the defining point of the interview: that voters will take note of Palin’s ultra-conservative views and support her (or not) accordingly.

    The interviewer was awful. Thanks for voicing your opinion!

  15. Jory Des Jardins Says:

    My state is bigger than your state! Just kidding. Seriously though, that’s the second interview in which Rick Sanchez was given no time to get two solid opinions. Why don’t they just say “we’re going to ask you one question, and we’ll listen to your answer for x seconds.” So annoying. But Joanne, I don’t think this was a reflection on you at all. Just looked like they didn’t have their stuff together.

  16. soapbox mom Says:

    Great job, Joanne! You were terrific!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Step up and take a side!! Oh, yeah, opps, obvious.

  18. rebecca Says:

    I was g-chatting with Jaelithe while you were on, and we were both super bummed at how short they had to cut the segment. That said, you did a kick ass job for the short of time that you had. Rachel kept babbling and getting caught up in the nitpicky, and you went straight for the main issues. I hope they have you back on; you represented, girl.

  19. Susan Getgood Says:

    You made your points, even in the little time you had.

    Interesting though the Palin/Obama experience comparison RCD was trying to push across. I thought from the get-go that a big part of her role on the ticket was to open up this line of argument.

  20. princess1128 Says:

    I thought you were great!!! They really do need to provide more time if they want a debate on the issues. I hope you do get another chance to show your stuff.

    **I had to delete my first try at commenting because I couldn’t spell.:)

  21. Anonymous Says:

    I thought you seemed the more rational of the two of you – the more reasonable – as Dems tend to be!
    - Brava!

  22. Devra Says:

    I hope all of the comments and tweets will serve as a way to hold CNN’s feet to the fire so they do follow up and invite you back for a political segment instead of a lame Geography pop quiz.

    C’mon CNN, let’s see Punditmom get shake her tailfeathers and ruffle em up too! She’s so well spoken so LET HER SPEAK!

    Otherwise I will have to kick CNN’s collective ass.

  23. Tech Savvy Mama Says:

    I think you did an awesome job in the short amount of time you had. Apples and oranges indeed and I can’t wait for them to invite you back for round 2! Congrats!!!

  24. PunditMom Says:

    CNN, You’d better listen to Devra. I know from personal experience, she WILL kick you a$$!

  25. PunditMom Says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful, supportive comments! I was so nervous, but wanted to come through for all of us who don’t think Sarah Palin has, shall we say, the right stuff!

  26. Annie Says:

    I caught this snippet on CNN the other night purely by accident – I’m not a fan of how Rick Sanchez operates – but I thought you came across well – very much in line with the Dem candidates actually – focused on the issues and not being drawn into petty tit for tat point scoring. I have been enjoying the scurrying and chattering that the Republicans have been doing in justifying the choice of Sarah Palin – and none of it impresses me. As the saying goes, empty vessels make most noise.

  27. Karen Says:

    You rocked, Joanne!! I hope he does ask you back–you’ll blow ‘em out of the water.

  28. Myrna Says:

    Way to go Joanne. Represent for us 50-Somethings!! I must say your dignity combined with laser focus would have taken your opponent down (if you had 10 more minutes) Rotten set-up they gave you. But you were so right to bring her back on track. Good job, hope they make good on the “return trip”!

  29. Bridge Says:

    I think I just fell in love with you Pundit Mom!!!

  30. Izzy Says:

    You were AWESOME! Everything you said made sense and had substance. That other woman was a total camera hog who said pretty much um…NOTHING.

  31. Liz@thisfullhouse.com Says:

    Well done, Momma.

  32. Coma Girl Says:

    Your conservative opponent was on MTV’s The Real World.

    I wouldn’t take much of what she says seriously ;)

  33. rankle Says:

    One of the most dangerous magnets for violence allowed access to multiple media since Jim Jones. She’s the face of the apocalypse. God help us if she’s elected to any position in government.


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