Thursday Quick Hits While I’m on the Phone with Blue Cross Blue Shield

Thu, December 18, 2008

Moms & Politics

One good thing about having a home office is that I can work and take care of personal things at the same time, like when I have to do the whole silly “pre-notification” (not to be confused with pre-approval) process for family doctor appointments. While I’m multi-tasking, here are a few things I’m thinking about today:

Maybe a Mary Schapiro can whip the Securities and Exchange Commission into shape. After all, she did a pretty good job at the CFTC and the NASD. Maybe this time, Congress will listen to “the girl.”

Barack Obama apparently thinks Rick Warren, infamous pastor who is opposed to women’s reproductive rights and gay rights, is a good choice to give the invocation at his inauguration. Aside from the fact that I’m wondering why we even need a religious moment at Obama’s swearing-in, is this the first of many moments when the progressives who voted Obama into office will get kicked to the sidewalk in an attempt to pander to the right in a four-year re-election bid?

UPDATE: Here’s a link to Obama’s response to his choice of Rick Warren. It really concerns me that he sees Warren’s type of intolerance as just a different view to be considered in polite conversation.

Oh, and did I mention that Warren thinks wives are supposed to be subservient to their husbands? I can hear Michelle O. now.

Should there be a cabinet-level office on women’s issues? It might have prevented the whole Rick Warren thing.

If you were worried before about how many days are left in the Bush administration, you might want to start drinking now — “41″ believes his efforts to protect the American people are starting to pay off.

Go ahead, you know it’s 6 ‘o clock somewhere.

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2 Responses to “Thursday Quick Hits While I’m on the Phone with Blue Cross Blue Shield”

  1. winecat Says:

    Rick Warren? What in the hell is Obama thinking???

    Good luck with Blue Cross Blue Shield

    And one last question Why is no one covering Cheney’s exit interview where he admitted he had a part in approving torture and water boarding was just fine?

  2. Kelley Irish Says:

    I am concerned that the Rick Warren choice might have been some part of a deal? He just doesn’t seem like the type of person he would normally choose.

    He needs to remember we voted for Change moy more of the same intolerane/

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