The True Measure of George W. Bush

Mon, January 12, 2009

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Like all good Democrats, I am counting down the days until President George W. Bush is on that plane headed for Texas, never to darken our governmental doorstep again. There’s not much point in listing all the reasons why — that’s a book, not a blog post — though he did virtually single-handedly send our economy into a tailspin from which it might never recover, get us into wars we didn’t need to be involved in and treated our rights under the Constitution as if they were just suggestions that could be ignored on a whim.

But this morning as I was listening in my car to his farewell news conference, I just about drove off the road as it became clear that this man could not have cared less about what his actions and policies did to us as a nation or as individuals.

With an incredibly upbeat tone in his voice, Bush described his time as president as “joyous” and he recounted how he was able to have “lighthearted” exchanges, even during the “darkest moments” of the Iraq war when he was learning of the skyrocketing American casualties. Bush thinks he’s done a dandy job helping to rebuild New Orleans. He scoffed at the notion that the Presidency of the United States carried with it any real burden.

Number 43 was proud of the fact that he never wavered on “his” principles (never mind those of the Constitution and any collective American ones). He proudly recounted that he was able to keep his focus on the issues at hand because he always had, as a reminder about the gravity of situations around the world, his daily intelligence briefings.

And, of course, he was glad he had his regular exercise and mountain bike rides as a way to forget momentarily about the troubles of the world.

He needed daily reminders? He was glad he could forget? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the person in the Oval Office to ever let his or her mind wander about what’s going on, even when they’re getting in a little cardio work-out.

I had hoped that Bush wasn’t really someone who blithely went about his day with such apparent indifference. But if someone can genuinely and sincerely make those kinds of remarks that paint them as so out of touch with reality, then that’s scarier than just about anything else I can think of.

Here’s a little taste:

It was funny that Bush also felt the need to mention (again) that he gave up drinking. In the future, I don’t want a president who confesses to having had a substance abuse problem. I want someone who can deal with all things in moderation, including the occasional glass of wine. Because when someone who is supposed to be the leader of the free world lives in a land where he views all his choices, even down to whether he’s having a cocktail or a soft drink, as so clear cut, the nuances of the world are lost. And our world is nothing if not full of nuance, subtlety and shades of gray.

George Bush was a man with no real worries as he stood before the White House press corps this morning. I guess that’s nice for him, but for the rest of us, I’m glad we have someone taking over next week who at least will try to keep the country’s problems on the front burner, even if he’s headed for a few minutes in the weight room.

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4 Responses to “The True Measure of George W. Bush”

  1. Caffeinatrix Says:

    He gets to ride off into the sunset with his lifetime income and secret service security and we get to pay for and clean up the messes he made.

    The man has got to have some kind of mental disorder. Who could view themselves in such a favorable way, with not one iota of shame or regret after doing such an atrociously bad job? He’s as delusional as the 15% or whatever who still view him favorably.

  2. jodifur Says:

    I “watched” it at the gym with no sound. And the headlines cnn was scrolling at the bottom were enough to make me roll my eyes and know I did not need to hear what he was saying.

  3. Sharon Says:

    I tried to watch it but had to turn it off halfway through. Then I tried to watch the video you included here…can’t do it. This is exactly what I expected from this man. He can’t leave town soon enough for me, and history will never rewrite the atrocities of his presidency.

  4. BurbMom Says:

    I’ve been thinking: I think everyone who voted for Bush should have to pay for what they have inflicted on the rest of us. Pay with money. Let any Bush voter with extra cash pitch in to handle the bailout; let them prop up the carmakers and help those whose unemployment has run out. That’s for those who voted for him in 2000. For those suckers who voted for him in 2004, the fee is double.

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