Punditry & the Flu Go Together Like … ???

Thu, February 26, 2009

Moms & Politics

OK, I’m too sick to put together the rest of the analogy, but even when I’m feeling all head-achey and chilled, actually lying on the sofa with the afghan keeping me as warm as possible, it’s hard to let go of the laptop.

Really. I’m just kind of geeky that way. Last night as I was trying to keep my eyes open and pretend to be an engaged and attentive wife, it was hard to stay “off the grid” so I could know what was going on in the world.

Seriously, John Boehner is getting ready to let loose with more virtiole on the budget! The Obamas are struggling with those important pet decisions! How can I unplug from such breaking news?

Right. Signing off now.

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6 Responses to “Punditry & the Flu Go Together Like … ???”

  1. impromptublogger Says:

    I hope you feel better and take care of yourself. Did you hear about those 2 deaths of teenagers from flu around here (1 in Frederick, the other in Howard County)

  2. anniegirl1138 Says:

    Wow, so many flu-stricken people south of the border these days makes me glad I moved away. The only time we’ve had flu at all was when we were visiting the U.S. several months ago. I hope it stays down there. And I hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Becky Says:

    Hope you’re better soon!

  4. judy in ky Says:

    Watching John Boehner could be hazardous to your health.

  5. Sue Jacquette Says:

    Just found you and I’m enjoying reading your blog. Sorry you’re sick, though. Get better and get blogging….

  6. fudgelady Says:

    It’s a Portuguese Water Dog. In April.

    Rest up and get well soon.

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