I Have a Lot of Friends Named “EMILY”

Things have been a little quiet here at PunditMom, but please forgive me.  I did manage to hit the ‘send’ button on the Mothers of Intention manuscript this weekend (!) and last week I was a little preoccupied with getting ready to moderate a panel at the EMILY’s List 25th anniversary conference!   It was such an honor for this political geek from way back to moderate a discussion about whether women are really “there yet” when it comes to equal treatment in our jobs.

The reporters who wrote the Newsweek cover story on whether sexist treatment of women in the workplace has really changed all that much in 40 years — Jessica Bennett, Jesse Ellison and Sarah Ball, as well as journalist Eleanor Clift, who was one of those Newsweek women who made the transition from secretaries and Girl Fridays in the 1970s –  were the panelists.  It was a lively discussion about whether the gender discrimination lawsuit those Newsweek “dollies” filed so many years ago really helped to launch a change in how women are treated in the workplace today.

Interestingly, the three authors of the article — all of whom are significantly younger than me ! — said they were shocked to read about the lawsuit against Newsweek, which they hadn’t really known about, and in reporting the story, which took over six months of leg work, were stunned to come to the realization that there’s still a lot of sexism in the workplace holding women back, but it’s just a lot more subtle today.

I highly recommend the original story in the hard copy magazine, as well as the companion pieces on the website for some good reflective reading.

Also, in conjunction with it’s 25th anniversary, EMILY’s list has produced this fabulous video just to remind us all how far women have come in politics, but also to make us think about how much further we still have to go.

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