The Rolling Stone Demise of General McChrystal: There’s Much More to Know About Afghanistan

The media has been paying a lot of attention to Afghanistan in the last week, but not because they’re telling us what’s up with the war.  Coverage of what’s going on there is pretty much a back burner thing on daily rundowns — at least it was until the lead commander there, General Stanley McChrystal, decided it was a good idea to let a Rolling Stone reporter follow him around for a while and then, apparently, forgot he was in the room.

The Rolling Stone article comments that sometimes McChrystal’s “brashness comes with a price.”  This time, it was a hefty one — his career.

While the whole McChrystal scenario that shows his hubris toward the Obama admininstration makes for good inside the beltway fodder, where is the real war coverage like the kind we used to see when there were real war correspondents?  That’s what I’m wondering about this week about my column, Speaker of the House.

What do you think? Would our Afghanistan war policy be different if we saw it on the news every night like we did with Vietnam?

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