Are You Pregnant? Don’t Hold Your Breath if You’re Applying for a Mortgage

Mon, August 30, 2010

Economy, Feminism

We all know things aren’t going really well for the mortgage industry these days — it’s harder to get mortgages, and people are defaulting on loans they couldn’t afford that they either knowingly entered into or were lured into with trickery.

But in any case, getting a loan to move into a home — especially for first-time home buyers — is no walk in the park these days.  But now in addition to all the usual hoops people have to jump through, it looks like there’s a new one — pregnancy.   If you’re a pregnant woman or you’ve just become a mother and are off on maternity leave, even the best ‘splainin’ in the world isn’t going to convince your bank that you’re worth the risk.

Shocked?  Find out more over at my Speaker of the House column!

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