52?! How the Hell Did I Get Here?

Fri, October 15, 2010


Yes, I’ll just put it out there.


How the hell did I get here?  Wasn’t I just graduating from law school the other day?  I try really hard not to obsess about the age thing this time of year — after all, there’s nothing I can do about it and I do try my best to enjoy the ride. I especially thank my lucky stars for my health and the number of birthdays I’ve had because I have friends whose health is less than fantastic and so am reminded when I think of them, that I shouldn’t be whining at all.

My best friend in the whole world would have loved to have made it to 52.

But I don’t feel like what I think 52 is supposed to be.  Many of my good friends are a lot younger than that, even though our children are around the same age.  And when I’m surrounded by fabulous women who are still pondering their 30s and 40s, I wonder how it is that I’m still juggling the stuff I thought I’d have figured out by now — my life, my marriage, my profession.

I really freaked out when I saw a photo of another 52-year-old blogger in the New York Times recently.  I shuddered — is that what people see when they look at me?  Someone who’s trying just a little teensy bit too hard to be younger than she is?

If it works for her, hey — more power to her!  But, since I’ve got to do school pick-up with a 5th-grader and still show up at the soccer games and violin practices,  I think I need to keep it a little more toned down.

I guess it doesn’t look so bad.  And I’m sure my friends will let me know if they ever see me trying too hard!  But I am going to work harder on that whole “50 is the new 30″ thing when it comes to how I feel inside!

Image of me and Viva la Feminista by PunditGirl.

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8 Responses to “52?! How the Hell Did I Get Here?”

  1. Debbie Owensby Moore Says:

    At 54, my daughter is becoming a TEENAGER next week. I don’t know who is aging faster! And it seems it happens in a blink of an eye.

  2. Ann Says:

    Happy b-day, Pundit! 51 snuck up on me. So GLAD to know you’re 52 – gives me something to aspire to!

  3. Chris Wysocki Says:

    Welcome to the club. 52 isn’t so bad, it sure beats the alternative.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. soraya nulliah Says:

    happy Birthday-I came across your blog on Jen Lemmen’s blog and your comment made me a little sad. I think we all want to be seen for who we really are…especially by those we love. It is difficult getting older…leaving certain stages of our life behind (forever0 and embracing new ones. I guess its all part of the journey and if I am lucky..i may make it to an age where my teeth are in a glass and my boobs are hanging down to my knees:)-Soraya
    Happy Birthday!

  5. Becky Says:

    You look effortlessly fabulous. Happy birthday! :)

  6. MadamaAmbi Says:

    First of all, Happy Happy Happy Birthday, plus congratulations on making it to 52, say I. I happen to know five women who died in their early fifties. I know women who are pretending that mortality doesn’t exist and, imo, that’s a waste of wisdom, perspective and getting down to business. I wish women would let their hair go gray and own their wisdom. I wish women whose bodies still work well enough to walk or work in the garden or even to clean their own houses would LOVE THEIR GODDAM BODIES instead of hating them for not being perfect, airbrushed, cougar-esque hallucinations of Madison Avenue or Hugh Hefner. I wish women would start acting their age and own their right to lay a heavy trip of “been there done that” on younger people when they truly do know something about the world for having been here decades longer than some. Can we learn from each other? Absolutely. But I’m done with young people who think mature women “just don’t get it.” We get it, baby. We’ve paid our dues and now we get our say even if our arms aren’t buff and we’re not into the show-your-cleavage, tattoo your butt crack thing. 52 is a GREAT AGE! Old enough to take stock of how you want to spend your next chapter and young enough to do it…you go, mature woman!

  7. Sabrina Says:

    Happy 52! Time flies and so shall we=)

  8. Susan @WhyMommy Says:

    Happy Birthday, Pundit Mom! Age is just a number — but you’ve got a good one!

    Keep on inspiring us, and leading us on….

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