Would Hillary Clinton Move to the Mama Grizzly Side?

No, I’m not really worried about that, though I certainly don’t want to cross Hillary Clinton. She’s a woman with a lot of power.  But that’s one of the news items i’m finding interesting today …

In an odd move, Christine O’Donnell says she’s going to support any efforts by Hillary Clinton if she wants to run for President in 2012. That doesn’t make Clinton a mama grizzly rising, does it?

Senator Patty Murray is going to run to be the head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.  That can only be good news women in the Democratic party.  Does that mean she needs to get our her tennis shoes again?

Some of the readers over at The New Agenda aren’t so happy with my thoughts on Sarah Palin’s fascination with the 1990s. Why is that Democrats can’t raise questions about Palin in any way without being accused of attacking her?  That’s a chip that some people have to get off their shoulder — it’s always fair game to question politicians and not take them at face value.  I wish more of the mainstream media would do that.

And I’m still chuckling over the Barbara Bush smack-down of Sarah Palin.  If there’s one thing I know for sure in the world of the Bush’s, it’s that you don’t mess with George and Jebbie’s mom!

Image via LIFE Magazine

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5 Responses to “Would Hillary Clinton Move to the Mama Grizzly Side?”

  1. Shannon Drury Says:

    Indeed, feminism is all about women being criticized for their IDEAS, not their bodies. Sarah Palin’s politics are totally fair game!

  2. Amy Siskind Says:

    Hi Joanne. Thanks for the piece. I think if you check back, the comments are pretty well balanced…some think Palin is off limits and some think she was out of line for making these comments. We aim to attract all sorts of voices and opinions. We hope you will keep coming back. You will find a wide audience at our blog for sure!

  3. PunditMom Says:

    Yes, Amy, you’re right! I wrote this before some of the more positive comments were written, which started going up after we clarified about the excerpts from Palin’s book!

  4. Amy Siskind Says:

    They’re still going strong. We’re really pleased with the dialogue and exchange of ideas. Great way to find common ground. Brava!

  5. MZMom Says:

    “some think Palin is off limits…” Huh? What kind of feminism is that? Sounds like quite the opposite, like some sort of stepfordwife-ishness.

    I agree with Joanne and Shannon, a person should be able to criticize Sarah Palin’s ideas and record (as with any other female politician) without automatically getting slapped with the “sexism” label.

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