Chelsea Clinton’s Marriage: Can We Just Leave Her Alone?

Thu, February 24, 2011


Just when I thought we were done speculating about Chelsea Clinton’s marriage, the gossip rears its ugly head again.  After reports a few weeks ago that the relationships between Chelsea and her new husband Marc Mezvinsky was on the rocks after only a few months, new stories are popping up that perhaps Mezvinsky needs to be checked into a mental hospital because he’s heading for a nervous breakdown.

Really?  Fox News is going to go there?  You know  even if it’s true, can we just leave them alone?  Why do I get the feeling after reading the relatively short and fact-free account that I need to take a shower?

This could all be true and, if so, that would be pretty sad.  But why is Fox so “foxated” on this story?  Is it still because they have a vendetta against the Clintons?

If this is what passes for political commentary these days, maybe it’s just time to find a new line of work.

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5 Responses to “Chelsea Clinton’s Marriage: Can We Just Leave Her Alone?”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Agreed! Can we just give Chelsea a break? Wasn’t it enough that she had to go through her teen years in the White House?

  2. Adrienne Says:

    I think this is a double-edged sword. I really love celebrity gossip and could care less about Clinton. However, when you allow the press and media to cover your wedding and events leading up to it, it opens them up to attacking you in the bad times.

    You can’t choose when the media is allowed to talk about your life and when they aren’t. If she wanted a private life, she shouldn’t have released photos of her wedding to the media. That gave them a foothold into her life.

    It’s also not just Fox. I’ve seen the story on UK Daily Mail and previous stories in HuffPo. HuffPo actually has really good style and gossip sections.

    I honestly feel sorry for her and her husband. A new marriage is hard, and they seem to be facing some big obstacles early on.

  3. PunditMom Says:

    Adrienne, I hear what you’re saying. I think we all have fascination with celebrity gossip on some level. I guess the thing that bothers me about this is the sense that there is a little glee on the part of some about the potential unraveling of this marriage or possible mental health issues of her husband. I like a good ‘Jennifer Aniston still holds a grudge against Angelina Jolie’ sort of story as much as the next gal, this one just feels a little different.

  4. Sarah Says:

    This is really sad, if true. Marriage is an adjustment and I imagine a difficult one when in the public eye. And I agree, that while the coverage of something this personal doesn’t bother me as much since they invited some of that into their lives, the “glee” or satisfaction some are getting in relaying this is a bit troubling and sad.

  5. deborah l quinn Says:

    As I remember it, photos of her wedding were SERIOUSLY limited – way fewer than you might expect from someone as “public” as Chelsea. And while I (ADMIT IT) read the tabs at the grocery store and tweet snarky remarks about fashions on the red carpet, I think that what we might call “inner issues” (pregnancy, mental health problems, addiction) could be left private – unless, ala Ms Spears and the umbrella bashing, or Charlie Sheen and his ranting – the celebs insist bringing their problems into the public eye. Besides, has Mark M. EVER been, or wanted to be, a public figure, other than falling in love with Chelsea?

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