Michele Bachmann: Silly Balloon Head or Serious as a Heart Attack?

I don’t like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann as potential 2012 presidential candidates.  No big surprise there.  But I like Charles Krauthammer as a pundit even less, especially when he takes the easy way out on an argument.  So when he jumps on the Karl Rove bandwagon of bad-mouthing women candidates because they’re not “serious” or because they’re “silly,” then I have to step up to that feminist plate again and say, “Step off, boys!”

Silly, unserious balloon heads.  Talking like the shrewish ex-wife outside divorce court.  Hillary Clinton was only in the running for the White House in 2008 because her husband cheated on her and Kirsten Gillibrand was Tracy Flick with a bad temper.

That’s what women candidates still are in 2011 to the fellas who think they have a corner on the market of telling America who should and should not throw their hats (or scarves) into the ring for political office.  Sure, Bachmann needs a primer on American history and Palin could use a little time with a dictionary, but what about George W. Bush who was euphemism-challenged and the uber-forgetful Ronald Reagan?

Many perpetrators of these slams have been political commentators for what seems like decades, so I’m pretty sure they’re capable of some factually-based critiques of women candidates — because they do it ALL THE TIME WITH MEN!

Pretty much any woman who runs for national elective office gets cut-down by the beltway boys for things unrelated to their brain-power or their political positions, so I can only conclude that they’ve got a little problem with any woman — no matter her political philosophy — in a position of power.

Don’t get me wrong — I do NOT subscribe to the political positions of Bachmann or Palin.  I don’t want them anywhere near the White House or serious political influencers.   I like what few reproductive rights I have left and don’t subscribe to the idea that women only have themselves to blame for discrimination or low pay because of the choices they make or that cutting taxes on the wealthy will have a beneficial trickle-down effect for the rest of us.

Maybe all those talking heads and opinion page columnists who use that broad brush to paint women as not having the gravitas of someone like, say, Newt “I”m telling my wife I want a divorce while she’s in the hospital with cancer” Gingrich or Haley “Slavery? What Slavery?” Barbour are just lazy.  If they don’t like women candidates, they certainly have the mental heft to make arguments of substance about their policies or experience or political positions.

They just don’t see women as worthy of that time and effort.

I’m sure these men started mocking women when they were just boys and just never stopped.  Tossing women off because of their cleavage or their hairstyles, or dismissing their efforts with adolescent jibes, is just shorthand for saying that women will never have what it takes to be in charge.  Whatever they say about about Bachmann, Palin and others, I just want to remind them of this — women also have really long memories, and one of these days one of the the gals you mocked for being a silly balloon head will be in a position where she can make you eat those words, and she probably won’t be in the mood for them to be sugar coated.

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5 Responses to “Michele Bachmann: Silly Balloon Head or Serious as a Heart Attack?”

  1. Chris Wysocki Says:

    It’s an inside-the-beltway thing. You’ll notice that the Rovians say similar things about Alan West and Herman Cain and Ron Paul. It’s easier to dismiss them as fringe elements than it is to actually debate their ideas.

  2. Daisy Says:

    It’s time for these boys to grow up.

  3. Kristen Says:

    I saw that he said “serious” as it relates to chances of winning the presidency but I didn’t where he referred to either as “silly.” And while your post appeared to be suggesting that either Krauthammer or Rove referred to Bachmann as a “balloon head,” it took clicking thru to determine that Chris Matthews actually said that. That seemed intentionally confusing. Let’s give “tingling down my leg” Matthews his credit.

    That being said, both Krauthammer and Rove have repeatedly articulated philosophical differences with both Bachmann and Palin, along with pretty much everyone else running. To identify gender bias as the culprit is reaching.

  4. PunditMom Says:

    Kristen, You know it’s not my style to mislead

  5. CKZ Says:

    I have to disagree with you. While I do think that Rove and many of the others you have mentioned have no real use for women as serious candidates, this is, in part, the reason that these 2 have made it as far as they have- because they are pretty and a little adle headed. There are plenty of women in the Republican party that aren’t willing to stand up and say the completely idiotic things that these 2 spout on a regular basis. Because they are telegenic, they get on put on TV, pushing extreme views into the mainstream conversation. When they go off script or come out testing some new idiocy of a talking point, they can be disavowed by the likes of Karl Rove, simply because, well you know, they’re not serious. The Republican party is suffering from an extreme lack of credibility these days, in large part brought about by these 2. I would certainly not call them “Serious” either.

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