Tell Uncle Sam Kids Need Clean Air

Moms are all about clean.

Clean clothes, clean kids, clean houses.   If you’re like me, the clean house thing usually ends up at the bottom of that list, though now that PunditGirl is a “tween,” at least I’m not tripping over baby toys anymore, though I do still find the occasional Polly Pocket part in the sofa cushions.

But moms also love clean water, clean neighborhoods and clean air. That’s one of the reasons I signed on to be a part of the Moms Clean Air Force, to advocate for allowing the Environmental Protection Agency to do its job when it comes to cleaning up the environment for our kids and, eventually, our grand-kids.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, there is a process where you can weigh in with the EPA quickly and easily to let Uncle Sam know where you stand on less polluted air.  You can find all the links and info at this post.

I’ve been a little sad, though, that President Obama hasn’t been very vocal about environmental issues.  I know he has a few other things on his plate these days, but I expect the leader of the free world to be a master at multi-tasking!

Maybe he’s recently started getting some ‘you ought to be talking more about the environment’ vibes because he held a town hall event about energy outside Philadelphia promoting wind-powered options, praising one Pennsylvania town for their wind carbines and calling them the future of American energy.  His focus was on the cost of our oil dependence, rather than the health benefits of cleaner air, but I suppose any talk about less toxic air is a good start.

A commitment to more wind-powered energy would be a great addition to go with the pending Clean Air Act rules that  that would, for the first time, mandate controls on the amount of toxic chemicals, like mercury, that power plants could spew into the air.  We’re not just talking about the air looking cleaner, it would actually be cleaner if the EPA could actually live up to its mission.  Studies have shown that tens of thousands of deaths could be prevented each year if we could limit the amount of toxic chemicals in the air we breathe. So even if that’s going to cost a few extra dollars, I’d like to believe that if these corporations have been able to convince the Supreme Court that they should have some rights as “citizens,” they ought to have the responsibilities, as well.

I’m being compensated by EDF, a non-profit environmental advocacy group, to write about the EPA legislation, the rule-making  and the EPA’s efforts to clean up our air, but I think you know that if I don’t believe in something, I don’t write about.

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3 Responses to “Tell Uncle Sam Kids Need Clean Air”

  1. Renee Says:

    The amount of toxic crap in our world is terrifying. We try to our best to eliminate the toxic stuff in our homes, but it can be so difficult.

  2. Julie Says:

    Dear PunditMom,
    I aplaud your efforts in cleaning up the air “our” children breathe….and plan on joining forces with you and the Moms For Clean Air. And I also challenge ALL moms out there to do the same, we all love our children and some of you may even have grandchildren by this point….I am sure that we all want the same thing, for our children and grandchildren to be safe and be able to live in a healthy environment, but if WE aren’t willing to step up and do something about it, it may not happen. So I challenge all the moms who read this blog and other blogs to join with us and join Moms For Clean Air and DO something about it!!
    Hugs to Everyone,

  3. Jill Says:

    Joanne, great post, really. :)

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