Political Word Games

A couple of weeks ago, I had a great time meeting and being interviewed by Kelly Wallace, iVillage’s Chief Correspondent, in connection with the release of my new book, Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America.

As a former broadcast journalist myself, I know that the grind of doing interviews day in and day out can sometimes be tiring. But Kelly not only asked me about the “serious” business of women in the political world, but came up with this great political word game that I hope we get to play again soon!

If only I was in New York City today, where her offices and studios are, I think we’d be having a lively conversation about the Supreme Court’s decision dismissing the gender discrimination class action lawsuit filed against Wal-mart. I knew it would get dismissed because of procedural issues, but my gut tells me there’s a lot more going on in that decision than meets the eye. Can you say all out attempt by Wal-mart to keep women in low paying positions and keep the unions out at the same time?

(And, yes, I know — the humidity was wreaking havoc with my hair that day!)

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One Response to “Political Word Games”

  1. Ben Donahower Says:

    What I find most disturbing about this lawsuit is that one of the arguments against it is that it is just too big:


    My wife and I got a good laugh out of this one. We were just dumbfounded by this disturbing defense.

    Here’s hoping that the justice system does what’s right not what’s expedient.

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