Michelle Obama’s Sneaky Target Outing

So many women, regardless of party affiliation, are fans of Michelle Obama’s fashion sense.  Sure there are some haters, but the First Lady gets tons of attention for her shopping savvy, style choices and updated Jackie Kennedy flair.

But no one can keep up the fashion 24/7.  All women have their moments when they are, shall we say, a little more “casual.”

So what happens when she tries to sneak out of the White House and get a little “ordinary mom” shopping time at Target looking like an ordinary mom?  A whole lot of hate from right-wing commentators like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

What’s a girl to do?  That’s I’m wondering about at my Babble Voices Spin Cycle column this week.  What do you think — when FLOTUS makes a little shopping escape, is she just grabbing a little mom time or is the White House setting up some politically motivated photo-ops?

Image vi Washington Post

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One Response to “Michelle Obama’s Sneaky Target Outing”

  1. Michael Harris Says:

    The photo was from an AP photographer so it does seem like it was a press event. Regardless, I don’t think it deserves the attention that it got, positive or negative.

    The only press I want to hear about are the political issues that affect the world and my region. Is there so little going on that the press doesn’t have better things to talk about?

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