Herman Cain’s Sex Life: I Don’t Want to Hear About It

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I’ve been trying not to bang my head against the computer over the latest in the ‘Herman Cain Tries to Go to Washington’ saga.  My already-brewing migraine has to do with the revelations of his supposed thirteen-year affair, but not for the reasons you might think.

I’m not holding a possible affair against Herman Cain; I’m holding it against the American voters.  Here’s why:

1. Reports that sexual harassment claims made by female subordinates while he was employed by the National Restaurant Association were settled out of court didn’t tank his candidacy.

2. Reports of alleged sexual assault made by a woman seeking career advice didn’t make supporters rethink and, in fact, boosted his campaign fundraising.

3.  Requests he apparently made of colleagues to help set him up with women he wanted to ask out, as “creepy” as they were, didn’t send supporters packing.

4. But new stories of an alleged consensual, long-term, sexual relationship?  Apparently that will be the story that sends Mr. 9-9-9 back to his book tour.

Before I get dizzy with all this head-shaking going on at my desk, I’m’ not going to ask what’s wrong with Cain, because I don’t really care unless he is the one sitting in the Oval Office.  The bigger question for me is this:

What is wrong with us?

We, the American voters, apparently have a sex problem.  Cain’s supporters didn’t have an issue with Cain being a potential law breaker with the allegations of workplace harassment, and there was little push-back after another made claims of sexual assault, which was still a crime last time I checked.

But apparently reports of Cain’s sex life may be his undoing.  Of course, if that’s the case, it could be good news for the Democrats, because that would knock Newt Gingrich out of the Republican pack!

We are truly a county with some serious sexual hang-ups, as well as a disconnect regarding what actions should be disqualifiers for high office.  Abuse of power as in workplace sexual harassment deserves a serious look.  Consensual sex?  Well, I’m not a fan of extramarital affairs, but as between the two, isn’t it worse to be a lawbreaker than a philanderer?

Our country needs some serious head-shrinking when it comes to sex and politics.  I think it might be time for a nationwide intervention with Dr. Ruth or maybe the Mominatrix to set voters on the right path for 2012.

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2 Responses to “Herman Cain’s Sex Life: I Don’t Want to Hear About It”

  1. Josette at Halushki Says:

    Clinton, while President, remained in office. The precedent has been set. Or probably followed at that point.

    And no, moral equivocating doesn’t work here. Cheating on your spouse is scoundrel behavior. Like Paterno, just because what they do is not against the law, doesn’t mean it isn’t equally morally reprehensible.

    Honestly the fact that the left is getting all bent our of shape over Cain is see-through. Clean out your own chicken pens. I’ve heard enough stories of men abusing their power when it comes to women from all sides to make this about politics. Shame on us for only paying attention to Cain and making this about an election.

  2. Debbie Owensby Moore Says:

    A sexual relationship between two willing adults is none of my business. Unless the person is running for President on the platform that he will support the Defense of Marriage Act because he is morally superior to the current ruling party. Others inability to connect the dots supports the Republican party’s platform of ignoring anything factual.

    What continues to floor me the most is the arrogance that men in power have. To run for President and think that one’s prior behavior would not come out is truly unbelievable.

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