Newt Gingrich’s Very Bad, Horrible, Wonderful, No Good Day

It was the best of time and it was the worst of times for Newt Gingrich today.  I couldn’t help thinking both of that line from A Tale of Two Cities with the political events of the day, as well as doing a little riff in this post’s title from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Gingrich had to be gleeful when he heard that on the eve of the South Carolina primary election, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced he is dropping out of the 2012 presidential race following his not-so-stellar showings in Iowa and New Hampshire.  Then there was an extra piece of good news for Gingrich when Perry endorsed Gingrich’s campaign.  Gingrich had to be thinking that that if he does well in the second South Carolina debate, he might close what little gap remains between himself and Mitt Romney, turning the southern state’s primary event into what some are calling a “barn burner!”

All that good news could mean nothing, though, now that Marianne Gingrich – Ex-Mrs. Newt Gingrich Number 2 – has come out with a “tell all” and “explosive” interview with ABC News.  Marianne Gingrich has made no secret of the fact that she’s not sure her ex-husband would make a good president.  She said so in an Esquire Magazine interview a couple of years ago.  The devastating bomb in the interview is this — Marianne Gingrich claims that while she was still married to Newt, he wanted to have an “open marriage.”  Such a quaint term for wanting to be able to stay married but also to sleep around.

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As Gingrich’s adult daughters defend their dad and do their best to keep the focus away from his serial infidelities, and calling on people to ignore their ex-stepmother, James Dobson of Focus on the Family is doing the opposite.  He proclaimed this weekend at the Christian Right Summit that conservative voters aren’t ready to see a First Lady in the White House who was a mistress for eight years.  That might not be a campaign breaker in some states, but about 60 percent of Republican voters in South Carolina consider themselves to be evangelical Christians, so many of them are tuned into Dobson’s comments.

So now the GOP presidential race is down to four major candidates – Romney, Gingrich, Rick Santorum – who learned today that he was the real winner in the Iowa Caucuses – and Ron Paul.  I’d say that maybe the very good day really goes to Santorum, who snatched the Iowa win from Romney and now is bound to make hay out of Gingrich’s personal life in hopes of a South Carolina win.

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5 Responses to “Newt Gingrich’s Very Bad, Horrible, Wonderful, No Good Day”

  1. The Obnoxious American Says:

    I think it’s kind of unbelievable that the same media who by and large covered for the likes of John Edwards until the enquirer of all outlets exposed him, the same media that shilled for Bill Clinton who was accused of serial infidelity and even rape (!?!?), seems so eager to torpedo a Republican at any cost.

    Not to say that what Newt’s been accused of is positive, it’s not, but I’m not so sure that any ex-wife of any man would have positive things to say, and not really sure she’s even telling the truth. But to most women voters, that doesn’t matter – Gingrich has been damaged now, just before the SC primary.

    Meanwhile, what’s important, is our terrible economy, extremely high unemployment, a federal government meddling in virtually every aspect of our lives while also encouraging our country’s slow transformation from a dynamic, merit based, free market society where people have opportunity, if also risk, to a soft tyranny in the mold of euro socialism. But hordes of immigrants didn’t come here these last few centuries for health care, they came here for opportunity that they simply didn’t have in their home nation.

    And as we continue this move leftward, at the behest of Obama and like minded leftists, we lose the very thing that makes us great. But yes, by all means, let’s talk about Newt’s ex wife, and let’s make sure to mention that Romney drove to canada with his dog in a carrier that happened to be secured to the roof of his car. Because it’s exactly conversations like that which will help continue to place America at the top, end sarcasm.

  2. Chris Wysocki Says:

    SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “I don’t care if Gingrich was a swinger at this point. If he gets the nod, he gets my vote, because at least he was screwing a woman and NOT AMERICA.”

  3. PunditMom Says:

    So you’re OK if the Gingrichs swing in the Lincoln bedroom? Seems like there’s a disconnect somewhere on that with the GOP reaction to the Clinton/Lewinksy story, as well as the right’s desire to control other aspects of voters’ personal lives. Not to mention the whole integrity thing.

  4. Chris Wysocki Says:

    C’mon, you’re a former lawyer, you ought to know the difference between infidelity and *lying* about it under oath. Bill Clinton wasn’t impeached for fooling around with Monica; he was impeached for trying to cover up the fact that he fooled around with Monica.

    I’ll match Newt’s integrity with Bill’s any day.

    As for the Lincoln bedroom, I think Marilyn Monroe already broke that in.

  5. PunditMom Says:

    Chris, as a former lawyer, I also know that the case against Bill Clinton by Republicans was never really about alleged perjury. That was just the legal excuse they were able to hang their hat on to use the Lewisnky episode to try to get rid of him, as much of the GOP tried to do from the day he was sworn into office.

    As for integrity, I don’t vouch for anyone’s but my own. But there’s no way on earth anyone (read: Gingrich) has any integrity if you look at how he’s lived his life, and how he is currently lying about all the things he supposedly made happen as Speaker of the House. He just likes to take credit for others’ work and assumes we’ll all forget about his ethics violations and how he left the Speakership in disgrace (after forcing his predecessor out for his same actions)

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