PunditMom Reads of the Week — 1/21/12 Edition

Sat, January 21, 2012

Women Online

I’ve always loved to collect hearts and I especially love finding them in unexpected places.  In a piece of sea glass or in part of a cactus:

That’s one of the reasons I loved this post from Jessica Ashley at Sassafras.  I usually find these coincidences of nature when I’m not looking for them, so I loved how her son, with his closer to the ground perspective, found one in their home.  And as he said, just like love, it was there all the time, even though he wasn’t looking for it.

When it comes to the political, there’s always room for humor.  That’s why I loved Jenny’s take on SOPA at The Bloggess:

Karen at Chookooloonks always reminds me of things to be grateful for, and that I should find at least one moment each day just to breathe.

And while I’m shaking my head in wonder over the amazingly beautiful images Karen takes (and how she doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to come to her house one day and make her teach me her magic!), I’m trying to find my own way with Andrea and her amazing class at Superhero Journal and Superhero Photo.  I don’t get to do the prompts everyday, but the inspiration is in my head.  I’ll get there soon.

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