No Birth Control for You?

I feel like I’m living in the time of Hester Prynne and her Scarlet Letter in light of the ongoing and escalating attacks on women’s health, especially when it comes to anything concerning our ‘lady parts.’  Some women on the right say birth control has nothing to do with our health.  I say, “What?” 

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with my iVillage colleague Kelly Wallace to pick the brain of Gloria Feldt, former Planned Parenthood president and the author of No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power.

Watch our discussion and let me know what you think — are we headed back to 1850 or is this just a blip on the political radar?

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4 Responses to “No Birth Control for You?”

  1. deb Says:

    is it a blip or a return to the 19th C? I think the jury is out. I believe strongly that we can make it a blip if we can mobilize and effectively communicate the threat to reproductive rights that really exists to the many men and women who just don’t believe we could lose access to birth control, or abortion. I hope this is appropriate to put in the comments: For anyone who hasn’t heard about it yet, there is a march on 4/28 in DC to rally around this cause. You can sign up through facebook.!/WomensMarch See you there!

  2. Debbie Says:

    I believe abortion should be legal. I also believe women should have access to affordable birth control. As a working mom, I definitely consider myself a feminist.

    I was extremely offended by Rush Limbaugh’s sexist comments about Sandra Fluke, but I do not think Georgetown University should be forced to pay for birth control.

    I support access to birth control and abortion because I believe every woman should be free to act according to her own conscience. I may not agree with the Catholic position on birth control, but I do not believe it is right for the government to force religious institutions to pay for birth control if it violates their religious beliefs and their conscience.

    Surely, there’s a better solution than forcing religious institutions to pay for birth control, right? I have friends who work as teachers in Catholic schools. Their insurance plan doesn’t cover birth control. They were able to get the pill for less than $15 per month at Walmart. If we believe birth control should be free, why don’t we donate personally to Planned Parenthood or a similar group for that purpose?

  3. PunditMom Says:

    Debbie, The thing that is so disheartening in this discussion is the fact that religiously affiliated institutions like hospitals and colleges have been required to provide coverage for birth control since George W. Bush was in office. No one on the right has raised this as an issue until now. Why? I think asking that question answers it.

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