Democratic Women Don’t Hate Moms & Valuing Women’s Work

It was a super big week for me last week thank to Hilary Rosen and her one crazy comment about Ann Romney and motherhood. After her slip of the tongue about whether Ann Romney had every been a working mom, all media outlets were looking for commentary. I was lucky enough to chat with the Washington Post and KOMO Radio in Seattle, I wrote a little something for CNN and got invited to share my thoughts on Fox & Friends and MSNBC. Well, I suppose at Fox I was really the progressive punching bag, but that’s OK.  I’m happy to take one for us Betty Friedan-reading, mom-hating Democrats:

I’m happy we’re all talking about moms and what we’re thinking politically (except for the flood of hate mail I got here and in my in-box following my Fox appearance as did my friend Kristen after hers), but I really thank Melissa Harris-Perry for helping us move this conversation to what we really should be talking about — how we value women’s work in our society.  And I’m even more thankful to her for asking me to come on her show to share in that conversation:

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Of course, it was nice to have a little fun, as well, and think about Mitt Romney’s need for a campaign trail surrogate aka a “super sherpa!”

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Now back to reality, but it was  wonderful to have a chance to try to re-direct the brouhaha of some reignited faux mommy wars to some issues we really should be talking about.

If you’d really like to know what moms are thinking about the political world, I hope you’ll consider buying my book, Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America!  I think lots of moms would enjoy this look at how we’re represented in the media and the views of the 50+ contributors on how to embrace their motherhood as a political weapon!

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5 Responses to “Democratic Women Don’t Hate Moms & Valuing Women’s Work”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hate mail. Because you were talking about mothers and the work we do – paid and unpaid – and the policies that impact that work and the decisions we face in context of that work. There is something wrong when people determine that’s a prompt for hate mail as opposed to continuing the discussion and identifying politically / economically viable solutions.

  2. PunditMom Says:

    Some Fox “fans” didn’t especially agree with me, so they thought a good way to express that was through a variety of hate comments.

  3. Elizabeth Aquino Says:

    Joanne, I’m grateful for your sane voice, re-directing many to the issues that really matter. I’ve grown increasingly frustrated by all these so-called “mommy wars,” partly because as a mother of a child with significant health care needs, I’m in a sub-category of women whose challenges are immense and ever-growing, and partly because I think so much of the outrage is completely manufactured. I wrote a bit of my own “punditry” today about the subject, but my tone is never as measured and informative as your own!

  4. Faiqa Says:

    Well, I thought you were terrific, dare I say “fair and balanced”? I haven’t watched FOX news in so long. When someone blamed Betty Freidan for diminishing motherhood I remembered exactly why.

  5. PunditMom Says:

    I’ve only been invited on Fox a few times, and each time it’s a hard decision because I know I’m going to be portrayed as the evil Democrat and be the punching bag. But I tell myself if I can stay focused and convince just one person that we don’t need to live in an “us vs them” world, maybe it will help.

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