I’m Ready for Equal Pay. How About You?

Tue, April 17, 2012

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When I was first starting out as a young journalist, I believed there was no question that I would get paid the same salary as men doing the same job. After all, we’d come a long way, right? Women were not just “weather girls” anymore; we were becoming investigative journalists and sports anchors and producers. I thought my NOW button that proclaimed “59 cents” was a quaint relic of the past.

I learned the hard way that I wasn’t getting paid anywhere near what those newsroom guys were making. Hey, I was single and some of those men had families to support, said the news directors who thought they were justified in paying lower wages to us “girls.”

How am I feeling about Equal Pay Day this year?¬† You can read the rest at iVillage iVote, where I’m 2012 Election Editor this campaign season!

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3 Responses to “I’m Ready for Equal Pay. How About You?”

  1. Corey Feldman Says:

    From my experience in HR, and networking with other HR Pro’s I’m a bit skeptical about the actual pay differences. I am sure there are some, especially in certain areas and industries. But I have never seen true pay disparity in any company I have worked for, and being in HR I know what the salaries are. Some studies have even shown that in certain areas woman are making more since they are on average higher educated. But its a complicated issue, and I know some of it still connects back to male privilege in regards to child rearing expectations. If I took off a few years to stay home with my kids, I would not be making the same money I am today. If I took off work every time my kids were sick, or took on less projects finding that work/life balance I would not have gotten as many promotions. To be honest I think that privilege can me a double edge sword. I would to be a stay at home dad. I hate how much I miss getting home (if i am lucky) in time for bedtime stories.

  2. Sarah Says:


    It is apart of specific industries, for sure. While working as a welder I had my interviewer at a new job tell me that I was only going to make $10.00 an hour instead of $18.00/hr, because, “Little girls don’t need that much money.”

    It happens all the time in the blue collar industries, the welding trade and other factory work especially.

  3. John Says:

    Why should the ladies I work with make as much money as me? I am a nurse at a very busy hospital. I recently had a patient who had just had surgery before my shift started. The night before the surgery her significant other beat the crap out of her. The staff on our unit was instructed that if this guy showed up we were to call security and the police, as he had a warrant out. He was said to be searching for the lady and had violence on his mind. I was the only male staff member on duty…and guess who was assigned this patient? Why couldn’t one of my very capable female cohorts been assigned this patient? How about this one…we once had a legitimately disturbed patient that was suicidal make a break for it and tried to escape…guess who had to chase him down and hold him until security showed up? It wasn’t the ladies. Anytime we have a morbidly obese patient guess who gets to lift on these people? We men. I can’t tell you how many times I hear..’let me borrow your muscles’ from my very capable co- workers. Recently when temperatures were sub-zero..my wife informed me that she and the women she works with have been having a male co- worker take out garbage to the dumpster when it is in fact not his duty..so they don’t have to be cold. They also have him to lug heavy bags out because they are unable to heeve it up and into the dumpster. Men are much more likely to receive the death penalty than are women for the same crimes. Men are required to register with selective service to be plucked from our lives to go die in some foreign land. We pay higher insurance rates than women. We don’t live as long as women. Almost forgot…one after the other, my employer has to grant maternity leave for all these women I work with. It seems to never end..there is always at least one off for what seems like an eternity on leave. You cannot convince me that these women are dollar-for dollar as valuable as we men. So all you roaring (lmfao) feminists should just stfu!

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