Rick Warren & His Let Them Eat Cake Social Policy

Rick Warren is one of the most high-profile religious leaders in America. If you’re not familiar, he’s the head of the Saddleback mega-church in California and an author who apparently is on somewhat friendly terms with President Obama.  But I think that’s about to change as Warren is going to bat for the Republican uber-conservatives. While that would usually get me riled up as a pundit, this time I’m getting steamed as a parent.

One quality I think most of us like in any religious leader is compassion, especially for people in need. This week it seems as if Warren is missing that part of being a minister, and is instead channeling his inner Marie Antoinette.  How so?  You can read the rest of my thoughts on keeping Warren’s less-than-charitable thoughts about the poor from our kids at my weekly column at Babble Voices.

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3 Responses to “Rick Warren & His Let Them Eat Cake Social Policy”

  1. Elizabeth Aquino Says:

    Andrew Sullivan wrote an incredible piece about religion and politics on The Daily Beast/Newsweek. I don’t have the link right here, but I think you’d find it very interesting. I’m off to read yours!

  2. David Bailey Says:

    Never was a big fan but after watching him over the weekend all I can say is where is the love for humanity.

  3. PunditMom Says:

    I have a feeling many people in the world of politics, however we define that word, have lost touch with the idea of their own humanity.

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