Is Your Emergency Room Ready for Your Child?

Tue, May 8, 2012

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If you have to take your child to an emergency room, did you know that many hospitals don’t have specialized pediatric staff to address issues specific to children? I didn’t.

I’ve been lucky that so far (knock wood) we’ve never had a situation that required us to take our daughter for an ER visit.  But so many families have to every day. But what if your local hospital doesn’t have a pediatric specialist on staff in their ER? Medical issues aren’t the same for adults and kids, and that means if your child is seeing a doctor in the emergency room who isn’t up on current pediatric issues, your child might not get crucial care they need.

I was sorry I wasn’t able to get to New York City to be part of the taping of this great public service announcement, but I am honored to be supporting the effort as a member of the Parent Board for the R Baby Foundation Gala being held to raise money to support improvements in pediatric emergency room care across the country and to reduce the rate of infant mortality in the U.S.

The R Baby Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation focused on saving babies’ lives through improving pediatric emergency care. Ninety percent of  emergency rooms around the country don’t have attending emergency room pediatricians or proper size equipment for babies, but the R Baby Foundation is working to change that through grants to a variety of hospitals to implement pediatric ER treatment standards, equip emergency rooms with the correct sized tools and to generally make ER’s safer places for babies.

So what can you do to help that mission?

  1. Sign this petition to implement standards across the nation. And share it!  It takes 1 minute to sign!
  2. Join me at the R Baby 5 Star Gala in New York City on May 9th for an incredible evening of food and wine and saving babies lives!
  3. Share your stories at
  4. Make a Donation.  90% of funds go directly to programs and initiatives – not administration


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