Paid Maternity Leave: This Says it All

Think Progress and its chart says it better than words:

But you know what the right will say. Only socialists go in for paying women for time off care for newborns. I wonder if Redneck Mom has an extra room at her place? I know it gets cold in Canada, but I’ve gotta love any country that gives their moms 50 weeks of paid maternity leave. Except for one Fox News anchor … funny how things change once a policy actually impacts you personalle.

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7 Responses to “Paid Maternity Leave: This Says it All”

  1. Annie @ PhD in Parenting Says:

    Actually, us socialists to the north don’t just give moms paid maternity leave. We give dads the option too. There is a certain portion of that time that is “maternity” leave and is given to all birth mothers and then there is parental leave, which can be taken by mothers, fathers, or adoptive parents. Some areas, like where I live in Quebec, also provided designated paternity leave that can be taken at the same time as the maternity leave, so that both parents can be home during the first few weeks.

  2. PunditMom Says:

    Annie, things like that would have been really helpful for women like me — who became moms through adoption! If Tanis doesn’t have room, maybe I’ll come pay you a visit! ;)

  3. Justice Fergie Says:

    Ah yes, I was born and raised in Montreal before coming to the US for college – when it was time for me to go on maternity leave with my first daughter, my mom innocently said: “You mean you don’t get 9 months of paid leave???” HA!! If only. Three kids later, I have often fantasized about moving back to Canada. When is America going to get its priorities in order? If it’s money the capitalists in the US are concerned about, there is so much quantifiable data to support the notion that it will end up SAVING the country money in the long-term.

    Don’t get me started.

  4. Corey Feldman Says:

    There is talk about revamping FMLA to include paid time off. Not sure if it is a left or right issue, as much as it’s a capitalism issue. In the US, one of the first things you are asked when you meet someone new is what do you do. We define ourselves by our careers more than other countries.

  5. deb Says:

    i’d be interested to see which other countries also provide zero weeks. what kind of company do we keep? we are too focused on quantity (money) instead of quality (life). hence the preoccupation with career (status/money).

  6. The Obnoxious American Says:

    Punditmom, you’re a dangerous ideologue. Are you really comparing the US to Mexico, to Venezuela and South Africa? If you’d like to emulate the records of those countries, why not just move there?

    In America, a land based on freedom, the government has no role to compel me to pay for your decisions. That’s what this country is about. Don’t force me to do stuff, and I won’t force you. Venezuela by contrast is all about forcing people to do stuff. And many of the other countries do as well to a lesser degree.

    And this is aside from the fact that virtually every company I’ve worked for offered maternity and paternity leave as a benefit. Not to mention people who do not have jobs get all manner of free goodies from the government (which I’m being compelled to pay for, under threat of jail).

    I really feel sad that there are people like you espousing such obvious soft tyranny and nonsense. You don’t even get that this is soft tyranny, but that is what it is. And it’s worth noting that soft tyranny always gives way to hard tyranny. America has been fine without your ideals for well over 200 years, bringing untold freedoms heretofore unknown to mankind (and womankind). And you want to change that in exchange for a government check. Ultimate sellout.

  7. The Obnoxious American Says:

    BTW, did you know that Canada doesn’t protect free speech? If you say something that offends someone, even if it is true, you can go to jail or pay a fine. Yes, let’s emulate Canada.

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