Women in Politics: The Hard Truth

I came across this great graphic about women in politics I wanted to share — not great in the fact that so few women think about running for office, but great because this sums up pretty clearly that women are still on the short end of real political influence in America.

As for the question asked — “Have women cracked the glass ceiling yet?” –  when it comes to the political world, the answer is clearly “no.”

But here’s another question I’d like to hear some answers to — Have you ever considered running for any elective office? Why or why not? I think I know the answers, but I’m trying to dig deeper!

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3 Responses to “Women in Politics: The Hard Truth”

  1. deb Says:

    yes, i have considered running for public office, but i never will. my reason is probably not the kind of thing you are looking for: i have a TERRIBLE time remembering names and faces–beyond the typical “i can’t remember names” complaint. i know i would inevitably make an embarrassing mistake, and eventually become known for that. then my effort to help women make a better showing in politics would be overridden by my misperception as an airhead. i wonder if i would worry less about this as a man. because there are so many more labels waiting out there for women than men, we can less afford to make mistakes. what’s the equivalent of “airhead” “ditz” “bimbo” for a man? hmmm. i think i need to go blog about that! :)

  2. PunditMom Says:

    Deb, Interesting reason for not running. I suspect if you did run, you would have a staff person with you to help remember names (at least I would hope I would have that!)

  3. The Obnoxious American Says:

    What was the old twain quote? There are lies, damn lies and Punditmom – er I mean statistics. I mean seriously, are you suggesting that there is some invisible presence keeping women from gaining public office? You know as well as I do there isn’t. Note the part about our standing in the world compares us to Cuba of all things.

    You really have no understanding of what America is, our freedoms, and why we are better than a place like Cuba. I’d advise you to take a trip to Cuba and see if first hand, and then tell the class whether women in Cuba are better off than women in the United States.

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