5 Things I Hated About Ann Romney’s Speech

So, I’ve already weighed in on Ann Romney’s attempts to make her husband out to be all warm and fuzzy and the kind of guy you not only want to take home to the parents, but who will also work his darnedest in the White House. There are plenty of people kvelling over her speech and how amazing it was and inspiring and pitch perfect and oh my GAWD, she was a GOP rock star!

And I think, was I watching the same speech?

Because I was totally put off by her remarks. By her suggestions that all mothers think the same and so will vote the same. By her implication that good mothers who worry about the future of their kids will only vote Republican. By the fact that I should care about the year or years she and Mitt spent eating pasta and tuna.  I spent three years putting myself through law school — been there, done that on the spaghetti and Starkist diet.

As I’ve been poking around the web today, I’ve seen some lists of things people loved about Ann’s speech, so I had to take one more pass. So, for your consideration, here are five things I hated about Ann Romney’s speech:

1. Pandering to the “mom vote.” Yes, we know she’s a mom. And, yes, we know that both parties need the mom vote. But talking about us moms who sigh and worry and work too hard, in an attempt to relate to us, is disingenuous. All mothers have worries about their kids. I don’t think I’m going out too far on a limb to assume that Ann Romney never had some of the more serious worries most of us have — like whether the public school our kids attend is good and the teachers are supported. Or whether we have to deal with a mortgage foreclosure crisis.  Or whether we can even afford to buy tuna or pasta to feed our kids.

2. I don’t care if Mitt was a good date. Seriously? I’m glad she loves him and that he loves her. But it doesn’t matter to me AT ALL. I don’t care if Michelle and Barack are in love either. And I think it’s also offensive when she talks so fondly of being taken care of by her husband and not having to worry her little head over money. The vast majority of mothers in America aren’t in that situation, and I can’t help but get the feeling that when she thinks back over her days as being the housewife in the Romney household, that she can’t understand why anyone would want (or have) to do things differently. Making a choice about working outside the home or not is great and I’m all for that. But when politicians and their spouses ignore those who have no choice, that’s when I know they’re out of touch.

3. I don’t need to be reminded about my love for my children. Patronizing much? We all love our kids, so it’s a little hard to swallow to suggest that only Republicans who think like you love their kids.  What I’d like to hear more about is why the TV show Modern Family is one of your favorites, especially since your husband is against gay marriage and seems to be tone deaf when it comes to the issues of any families who don’t look like yours. Though I did enjoy this tweet on the subject:

Thrilled Ann Romney says ModFam is her favorite show. We’ll offer her the role of officiant at Mitch & Cam’s wedding. As soon as it’s legal.

4. She’s a  survivor. That’s nice, and I’m glad she is, but it has nothing to do with why we ought to consider Mitt. The thing that really gets to me is that Ann Romney has been able to play the breast cancer/multiple sclerosis survivor card for the political benefit of her husband and that’s been OK with most people. I know I’m going to take heat for saying that, but she has. My best friend in the whole world had breast cancer and MS, as well, and sadly she’s no longer around to talk about it. But I knew her long enough and well enough to know that she would be royally pissed off to hear Ann play those cards as political chits to get into the White House.

5. If only you knew the real Mitt. We already do and we don’t need to know much more. Whether he is a good dad or a good date isn’t information I care about. I know he used to be more moderate and now he’s not, or at least he’s pretending he’s not so he can get elected to an office I don’t even think he wants. I know what his constantly changing record is and I know that he’s made the decision not to talk about anything substantive these days for fear that someone on the right will disagree with him. And he knows he needs them to stand any chance of winning.

So can we be done with the fawning over Ann Romney and her convention speech? The most interesting moment to me was when Mitt was on stage with her at the end of her comments and he seemed visibly relieved that he wasn’t the one who had been in the spotlight for a change.

And guess what? Mitt took the day off from the convention today for other engagements. Sounds to me like Mrs. Romney is more interested in the White House than Mitt is.

Image via Wikimedia Commons/William S. Saturn

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20 Responses to “5 Things I Hated About Ann Romney’s Speech”

  1. Lee Reyes-Fournier Says:

    It must have been so hard for them in the early years when they struggled- foie gras isn’t cheap.

  2. magpie Says:

    He took the day off to hang out on a boat flying the Cayman Islands flag.

  3. vee Says:

    Loved this post! I thought the same thing this morning! am i watching the same speech? Also loathed her look of self satisfaction at the applause… I mean come on you are a republican and you are at the REPUBLICAN convention… She was FAKE!

  4. Samantha Says:

    Oh, thank you for posting this. I couldn’t wipe the smirk off my face as I listened to her. There was some eye-rolling and yelling at the TV as well. You spelled out so much of what I felt and I thank you! I feel better now.

  5. Bonnie Smith Says:

    Family is not part of your vocabulary then, Steve. After all you are about the Modern Family, which is a redefined word today. You should title it Modern Living. Ann was fabulous! She was a wife, a mom and everything she needs to be for her husband. If this is what you base your vote on, then maybe you need to reaccess what is good and valuable in your life. Our life circumstances and challenges are what shapes us into the people and character we become and she is successful and holds a positive attitude for all to witness. Enjoy your London visit.

  6. jodifur Says:

    I’m amazed at the amount of people that think she was a good speaker. I’ve seen good speakers. She was folksy. She reminded me of Sarah Palin. She didn’t have to be a good speaker, that is not her role, but the fact that people had that reaction to her surprised me.

    Also, the whole “when Mitt and I were poor schtick” was annoying. You weren’t poor, we all know you weren’t poor, let it go.

    My parents grew up dirt poor in inner city Chicago. They have done pretty darn well for themselves. (Not Romney well, but they have nothing to complain about.) I have no point to saying that, but my parents have the right to complain they were poor. Mitt Romney, does not. I also eat tuna from a can. It doesn’t make me poor.

  7. Kate Says:

    Most of the commenters above sound sour grapes and jealous to me.

  8. Cyd Says:

    No, Ann hasn’t had to deal with the issues many of us have. And good for her but don’t be condescending and pretend that you know what many of us have had to deal with. She hasn’t had to worry about living without health insurance because her husband was laid off, or worrying how your child was going to afford college because the nest egg was used in order to live during the year long lay off. She also doesn’t have to worry about whether her child that survived cancer will be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition if ACA is done away with (thankfully, we had insurance when this was discovered).

    And might I also add – what is a “real marriage” that she spoke about?

  9. Shannon Drury Says:

    Ha! Don’t piss off PunditMom, Mrs. Romney!

  10. IlinaP Says:

    YES! Pundit Mom for President!

  11. Daisy Says:

    Great critique! Poor Ann – she’d never understand it.

  12. Jon Says:

    Cyd~ Michelle has not had to deal with those problems either.

  13. Johanne Says:

    Well said! It would be pitiable, if it wasn’t so serious.

  14. PunditMom Says:

    Well, I’d NEVER run for President. But I do think it’s valid to get a sense of a politician’s empathy for others, as well as those of their spouse. I think it’s especially relevant when it comes to Ann Romney, since there have been many reports, that seem to be undisputed, that she was the one who wanted Mitt to run this time.

  15. Selfish Mom Says:

    Thank you for articulating this so well! I hated her speech but couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. Turns out there were too many reasons swirling around in my head.

  16. Cpreston Says:

    How could any WOMAN believe that Ryan will not be running this country if elected. I heard Ann paid $5000 for her dress. I certainly feel we will get two pigs in a poke if we elect these men mI’m scared!!!!

  17. Suzie Says Says:

    Are you all kidding? We are all women. We come from many cultural and diverse backgrounds. Are we really going to feel mad at a women who raised children, without making them a burden on our society.! Are we mad that she is happily married? That she is financially successful? That she is attractive at lets say “over 50″? Well what could it be? Oh, yes! She is a REPUBLICAN. That’s it! Right! How shallow are we? We all have friends, right? Will you not be a friend to someone who is a republican or do you just not ask? If someone needed your help would you first ask “what policial party are you affiliated with” before you lent a helping hand? How many of you march for Breast Cancer Awareness and hope for a cure? Well here is a survivor. I waited to write this until after I heard Mrs. Obama speak. I thought she did a remarkable job. She spoke about all the same topics as Mrs. Romney. Family, country etc.. She is also raising, lovely children. She is happily married, financially successful and very attractive. My question to you is: Did you hate what she had to say? I don’t think so. You probably embraced everything she said. You loved her dress (which by the way, was especially made for her), loved the way she expressed the love she has for her husband and so on. I hope you did because it means your heart is not totally made of stone. We need to share that love for all women. Not just the ones that agree with you. Stop the hate! Listen to the issues!

  18. Maria Del Mar Says:

    I completely agree.
    I think she raises the cancer/MS issue because they believe this is the way they get to our heart.
    I’m also glad she’s a survivor. However, my concerns are for those with the same health problems, but without the access to the same health care she does.

  19. Maria Del Mar Says:

    I think her speech was super overrated by the media. Personally I didn’t like it; it sounded fake to me and did not convince me at all. (I was willing to give Romney a chance, because I am not happy with Obama. The more I get to know the Romneys, the less is my wish to give him my vote. )

  20. Greg Says:

    I ABSOLUTELY DETEST the BOTH of their lying asses! They make me wanna loose my lunch every time I see ‘em on the television. Disgusting, lying pieces of shit the both of them.
    If ya want to be president of “something”, go buy a fuckin’ island in the Caymans, and move your entire fuckin’ family out there, and be president of them and leave us the hell alone, ya piece of shit!

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