Romney Thinks Big Bird is a Moocher

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Mitt Romney threw Big Bird under the bus in the first presidential debate, as he vowed to cut funds from PBS and the big yellow guy in favor of other federal programs. While some uber-conservatives might like the sound of that as a way of fiscal prioritizing, Romney is hoping that we voters will forget that the vast majority of funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS doesn’t come from the federal government  — close to 80 percent comes from grants and donations from us!

So how much money are we talking about? Kelly Phillips Erb writes at Forbes that “in 2015, Congress has budgeted $445 million for CPB.” That sounds like a lot of money. It is a lot of money. But in terms of the total federal budget, that’s only 1/100th of a 1%. Take that out and you don’t even make a tiny scratch in the deficit. But you do take away an important source of learning for many children around the country.

While many pundits (not me, mind you!) are claiming that Mitt Romney won the first debate over President Obama because he seemed more confident, the words that came out of his mouth were, well, not exactly the truth (sometimes known as lies). The PBS/Big Bird smack-down was just one of them as Romney tried, yet again, to recreate himself for a national audience.

But at some point, a candidate has to stop the recreation and settle on being one thing. At least that’s the advice Big Bird would give him, because Big Bird is a “giver,” even though Romney and his cohorts would argue that he’s a “taker” (aka “moocher” in conservative parlance). He’d tell the Republican candidate to start owning who you are:

I’m going to follow Big Bird’s lead and give Romney one other piece of advice — do NOT let your grand-kids find out that you threw Big Bird under the bus. The odds of you surviving 18 angry grandchildren at the next Romney family gathering at your mansion on the lake are slim to none.

I’m just glad Big Bird missed the whole thing!

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4 Responses to “Romney Thinks Big Bird is a Moocher”

  1. mom 0f 5 Says:

    People better be paying attention…this is a man who let his wife and his staff raise his children while he ran his life like a business…PBS is a staple in our country. Without goverment funding this tresure for generations would be lost!!! he cares more about the corporate bottom line and his hair line than he does about emotional and personnal connection with those things/citizens that he has no personnal understanding or attachments. Do we really want him and his running make with thier hollywood looks and forked tongues running the country that our kids futures will be built on….? Your choice, your vote. Not arguing that. I just choose the one with Big bird in it…along with the 47% of the population that Romney has no plans of worrying about.

  2. Daisy Says:

    Is Big Bird one of the 47%? I never realized. My poor feathered friend; he’s just a victim, too.

  3. sdbcat Says:

    I came to your site hoping for a forum to discuss different political view points. I am disappointed to see that the first thing on your site is the same stuff I can watch on most of the media outlets.
    Let’s be transparent, shall we? Romney said he would cut many entitlements and that PBS was one of those entitlements that he would cut. He did not say Big Bird had to go or that he would shut down PBS. That is media bias trying to twist the words and create an emotion reaction among the people. Nothing like a good emotion boil to keep people off the actual issues.
    I live really close to DC and know many, many, many (too many) people who work for our government in all sorts of agencies and capacities. When those friends and neighbors are coming home from work talking about being pressured by their bosses to make the “numbers look good without actually faking them,” there is trouble a foot.
    We need to stop worrying about this sound bite or that sound bite; this facial expression or that quote and actually look at the reality before us. Stop believing what the political parties are spewing simply because of the party they are and start investigating and educating ourselves. We need to hold our elected officials accountable for the commitments they make and the actions they take. If they say they are going to do something and they don’t, we need to fire them (we would be fired if we did that, so why not them?)!
    Please stop with the misdirection and focus on the facts (something the parties don’t want you to do and the media doesn’t seem to be able to do). I don’t care who you support as long as you have done your research and understand why you support the person you support – and it shouldn’t have anything to do with Big Bird or a jump shot.

  4. Nicole Says:

    As a Canadian, I was pretty appalled that Romney said he’d cut PBS subsidies. I was even more appalled that he directed his comments regarding the cut at Jim Lehrer, who seemed shocked and didn’t really seem to recover.

    And I think the President heard that and thought to himself, “Imma gonna let you finish hanging yourself. I didn’t even have to give you the rope on that one.”

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