Mom Guilt 3.0: Just in Time for the Holidays!

Mon, November 26, 2012

Adoption, Mothers and Daughters

As our seventh-grade daughter is on the verge of becoming an official teenager, I have learned that: (1) I am the bane of her existence, (2) I am irrelevant (unless there is a request for a sleepover or a new book), and (3) I am the stupidest mom EVER! The good news is that her teen self and new longing for independence are all right on track developmentally. The bad news is that I just have to weather the next few years and look forward to the day when she emerges from that black hole of teen-dom.

But as I continue to reassure myself that her attitudes toward me are perfectly natural and something I have to manage in my own head, along comes a new study just in time for her 13th birthday to add fuel to that never-ending good mother/bad mother fire. It’s conclusion? If our teen daughters are unhappy at this point in their lives, it’s our fault!

Just how does this new study lay our daughters’ teen anxiety at our feet? Find out at my column, The Spin Cycle at Babble.

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