“Poopy Heads” Decide Elections: Sore Losers 2012 Style

There are always hurt feelings after big elections.  People on both sides are invested in their views and candidates, especially in our world of 24/7 media that whips us all into a frenzy so that we can hardly see straight when it’s all over.

But no one likes a sore loser. And some high profile conservative operatives are acting like petulant toddlers now that President Obama has been elected to a second term in office.

Political operative Grover “pledge your allegiance to me or I will crush you” Norquist has announced that the reason Barack Obama was re-elected was because the President called Mitt Romney a “poopy head.”

I have no idea where that came from, since it never happened, other than in Norquist’s own inner pre-schooler mind. And George W. Bush mastermind Karl Rove showed the nation his true whiny baby ways on election night, when he insisted that Obama could never win Ohio, even though the Fox News number crunchers said there was a 99.95% chance that Rove was wrong.

Even one elementary school teacher told her students that she chose to wear all black the day after Election Day because the President’s re-election is the same as attending our country’s funeral. I can only guess what kind of media field day Republicans would have if that had been a Democrat.  Remember how ballistic they went in 2009 when the President addressed the nation’s school kids by video, and they screamed “brainwashing!”?

And then of course, we can’t forget all the petitions circulating started by some voters who want their states to secede from the union because Barack Obama will be our president for another four years. According to ABC News, the sore loser states leading the pack are:

  1. Texas – 77,090 signatures
  2. Louisiana - 29,309 signatures
  3. Florida - 22,873 signatures
  4. Georgia - 21,783 signatures
  5. Alabama - 21,183 signatures

I have no doubt the whole kicking and screaming in defiance reaction to the outcome of Election 2012 will be over soon, because most pundity wonks can’t move on to 2016 (and beyond) fast enough. But here’s the thing — we don’t let our kids behave like this when they’ve lost. We have talks with them about being good sports and understanding that winning isn’t the only thing in a contest.  Every week I watch my daughter and her soccer team do the “Good game, good game, good game” hand shaking with their opponents no matter who won, and then provide the requisite cheer about having enjoyed playing their opponents.

I am not naive enough to think that will ever happen (or ever has happened) in the political arena. But dialing back the poopy head talk would be nice.

What sore loser stories have you heard? And do you think we’ll ever reach a point again where our nation can move forward from an election loss without feeling like they’ve been robbed?

Image via iStockphoto/Nagy-Bagoly Ilona

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One Response to ““Poopy Heads” Decide Elections: Sore Losers 2012 Style”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    My father-in-law has been really upset too, calling it a bad day for our country. It’s ridiculous. I would have been disappointed had the election gone the other way, but to be so sore about it? No.

    I really wish people would realize that a difference in opinion doesn’t mean the other person is bad. The problems we face just aren’t that simple.

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