“Whose Child Has to Die Next?”: Gun Control in America

Roxanna Green’s daughter, Christina, died in the shooting rampage that wounded Congresswoman Gabby Giffords two years ago at a town hall style event in Tucson, Arizona. While Green wrote a book about her daughter, she tried to stay out of the national gun debate. But after the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, and on the second anniversary of her daughter’s murder, Green says she can’t stay quiet anymore.

Will Green’s decision prompt other parents to get into the debate? That’s what I’m discussing today at my column, The Spin Cycle.  Come on over and let me know what you think.

Are we on the verge of another movement similar to Mothers Against Drunk Driving?

Image via BradyCampaign.org

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2 Responses to ““Whose Child Has to Die Next?”: Gun Control in America”

  1. Christine Says:

    This is indeed the tipping point. American parents have had enough. Common sense must return to the forefront of the decisions, fanatics relegated to the fringe. Get active and make a difference today with One Million Moms For Gun Control (on facebook, @1MM4GC on twitter, or http://www.onemillionmomsforguncontrol.org)

  2. John Says:

    it’s so unfortunate that these tragedies have to occur. as a gun enthusiast myself, i support every measure for gun control. this is just unacceptable.

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