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MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry Show, Double Standard in How Male leaders are Judged as Parents (on-air appearance), June 2012

MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry Show, What Health Care Reform Offers Women (on-air appearance), June 2012

MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry Show, What Does it Mean for Women to Have it All (on-air appearance), June 2012, Coming Soon: A Young Mother in the White House, May 2012

MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry Show, Adding Value to Women’s Work (on-air appearance), April 2012

MSNBC, Melissa Harris Perry Show, Who Will be Mitt Romney’s “Super Sherpa” (on-air appearance), April 2012, Not Another Mommy War (Ann Romney vs. Hilary Rosen), April 2012

FOX News, Ann Romney & the “Mommy Wars” and Gas Prices (on-air appearance), April 2012

Washington Post, Ann Romney defends role as stay-at-home mom after Democrat pundit remarks, April 2012, Politicians slow to embrace Pinterest, April 2012

The Women’s Eye podcast, March 2012, PunditMom Breaks Down the Political Evolution of “Mom bloggers,” Jan. 2012, Super Tuesday Polls 2012: The Birth Control Effect, March 2012

Politics Daily columns

Working Mother Magazine, 2011 Most Powerful Moms in Social Media

2011 Social Media Award nominee, Women’s Media Center

50 Best Leadership Blogs for Women, 2011

Finalist, Best Political Blog, 2011 Weblog (“Bloggies”) Awards

More Magazine: Get Angry. Go Viral. Use Social Media, 2011, The Role of Social Media for Women and Politics, 2011 Interview with Joanne Bamberger about her book, Mothers of Intention, 2011

CNN: Are Walmart Moms The New Electoral Power Brokers?, September 2010 (on-air appearance)

Politics Daily, Woman Up podcast, September 2010 (on-air appearance)

FOX News: Are More Moms Needed on Supreme Court? (on-air appearance), May 2010

2010 Must-Read Political Blogs by Women

30 Political Moms Who Will Change Your Vote, October 2010

CNN: Should Mark Sanford Resign as South Carolina Governor? (on-air appearance), July 2009

Top 20 Women Political Bloggers

Are Motherhood Politics a Good Idea?, American Prospect

Mom 2.0: Cyberhood is Powerful, Ms. Magazine, Summer 2009

CNN Political Tweets of the Week, November 19, 2009

PunditMom on First “Rick’s List”/CNN’s Rick Sanchez’s New Twitter Efforts, December 2009

Top 10 in Air America Progressive Blogger Contest, December 2009

Talk of the Nation/Political Junkie Webchat, April 2009 (on-air appearance)

Women’s Media Center, Progressive Women’s Voices (featured clips), 2008

Al Jazeera English, Listening Post: US elections and media blunders (0n-air appearance), 2008

BBC Radio: New Kids on the Blog (on-air appearance), 2007

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