18 07, 2012

Six Pieces of Advice for Marissa Mayer on “Having it All”

By | July 18th, 2012|Changing the World, Feminism, Women Online|6 Comments

Marissa Mayer, welcome to the 2012  "Having It All Olympics!" I'm sure you're feeling warmly welcomed to this corner of the world now that you've announced your Google departure and your new gig as the CEO at floundering Yahoo! And you shared more good news by letting the world know via Twitter that you're having [...]

17 06, 2012

Father’s Day and Presidential Politics

By | June 17th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|2 Comments

  Much gets made about whether women candidates for political office are mothers. Do they have young kids? If so, should they be running for office? We ask how will they manage, without giving a thought to the obvious -- that few ever ask that of fathers. As both Mitt Romney & President [...]

3 05, 2012

“The Conflict” — There Isn’t Any for Most Moms

By | May 3rd, 2012|Feminism, Women Online|3 Comments

Every few years when the media need something to boost ratings, they turn to the tried and true mommy wars. It's not a heavy lift and does wonders for ratings and ad sales! Every two years, we get redefined for the latest election cycle -- soccer moms, security moms, minivan moms. Retailers grab onto labels [...]

29 09, 2011

What if We Were Really Honest?

By | September 29th, 2011|Uncategorized|1 Comment

What would the never-ending debate about what it's like to be a stay-at-home mom vs. a work-at-home mom vs. a work in an office mom look like if we all talked honestly about our experiences?  No worn-out cliches about pretending we love everything about whatever choice we've made?  No acting like our lives are perfect [...]

1 03, 2011

Natalie Portman & Motherhood: This Feminist Has Her Back

By | March 1st, 2011|Feminism|7 Comments

Natalie Portman has been getting flack for her Academy Awards acceptance speech for her role in "Black Swan." Not because of anything she said about the uber-psych-thriller role that won her the award or because of any Oscar night faux pas like forgetting to acknowledge her fellow Best Actress nominees. She's coming under fire for [...]

26 11, 2010

The 1990s are Sarah Palin’s Political Enemy

By | November 26th, 2010|Feminism, Moms & Politics, Republicans, Women in Politics|0 Comments

Sarah Palin is out to get the 1990s.  At least that's what I have to assume from some cultural references she's trotted out in her new book, America By Heart. According to excerpts from the book, she's got it in for Hillary Clinton and fictional newswoman Murphy Brown, two female icons of the 1990s.  But [...]

25 10, 2010

Motherhood: The Definitive Political Qualification?

By | October 25th, 2010|Changing the World, Democrats, Making Our Political Voices Heard, Moms & Politics, Republicans, Women in Politics|7 Comments

Women with children bring a unique perspective to the political process.  It's no big secret I believe that and I'd like to think at this stage of the political game, it shouldn't be a surprise to other politicos. But one of the candidates for governor in Oklahoma has taken that idea beyond its logical conclusion. [...]

11 09, 2008

Palin's Motherhood Could Help the Democrats

By | September 11th, 2008|Moms & Politics|0 Comments

So many people have been saying that talking about Sarah Palin's motherhood shouldn't be an issue in whether she's qualified to be Vice President of the United States.I basically agree. But after talking with some family members, I wonder if Palin's perceived parental responsibilities could help the Democrats?Read more at my post over at MOMocrats!