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29 08, 2012

5 Things I Hated About Ann Romney’s Speech

By | August 29th, 2012|2012 election, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans, Women in Politics|20 Comments

So, I've already weighed in on Ann Romney's attempts to make her husband out to be all warm and fuzzy and the kind of guy you not only want to take home to the parents, but who will also work his darnedest in the White House. There are plenty of people kvelling over her speech [...]

4 09, 2008

Sarah Palin: How Many Women is She?

By | September 4th, 2008|Moms & Politics|16 Comments

Reformer? Maverick? Defender of motherhood? Independent-minded woman? Former beauty queen? Serious politico? Moose hunter?As soon as John McCain announced that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would be his running mate, the liberal vs. conservative online discussion was off to the races! Progressive bloggers are shocked at Palin's positions on reproductive choice, gun control and religion in [...]

4 09, 2008

Another Reason I Love Gloria Steinem — Palin is Wrong Woman with Wrong Message

By | September 4th, 2008|Republicans|12 Comments

Alaska Governor and GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin has the "big mo.' " At least she seemed to in the St. Paul convention hall where she made the official transformation from "hockey mom" to party attack dog.The Republican party faithful loved her. They cheered her on as she adopted the talking points John McCain's people [...]

1 09, 2008

A Brief Message About Bristol Palin

By | September 1st, 2008|Republicans|22 Comments

Dear MSM,Leave Bristol Palin alone. She's not running for anything and she's only 17 years old. Sincerely yours, PunditMom

29 08, 2008

Don’t Dismiss Sarah Palin Out of Hand

By | August 29th, 2008|Republicans|12 Comments

Needless to say, there have been a LOT of blog posts and articles flying around the blogosphere since Friday when John McCain announced that his choice for vice-president is Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. While I hadn't posted about it, I had been saying privately for months that I thought McCain would choose Palin as his [...]