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26 10, 2012

Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America

By | October 26th, 2012|2012 election, Changing the World, Making Our Political Voices Heard, Moms & Politics, Mothers and Daughters, Mothers of Intention, Politics, Women in Politics, Women Online|0 Comments

Women are the ones candidates want. More precisely, mothers are the swing voters that presidential candidates try to woo every four years. Political wonks always come up with a clever new name for us each election cycle -- we've been soccer moms, security moms, minivan moms, and Wal-mart moms. For 2012, the favored monikers have [...]

24 09, 2012

Why I Can’t be a “Sh*tty Mom”

By | September 24th, 2012|2012 election, Changing the World, Making Our Political Voices Heard, Moms & Politics, Mothers of Intention, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Women in Politics, Women Online|21 Comments

Sh*tty moms unite! That's the new message giving mothers a good, collective laugh these days. And I confess, I have absolutely NOTHING against so-called "sh*tty moms." I have plenty of sh*tty motherhood moments that I could regale you with and I can certainly laugh about plenty of them. But when we live in world that [...]

16 07, 2012

Republicans Fear Election Zombies

By | July 16th, 2012|2012 election, Politics, Presidential Campaigns, Republicans|0 Comments

  Republicans see dead people. Well, they see dead people, and possibly zombies, when it comes to the visions of voter fraud that dance in their heads.  The GOP likes to conjure up images of the dearly departed to convince the rest of us that untold numbers of live voters are using their [...]

20 05, 2012

PunditMom Round-up!

By | May 20th, 2012|2012 election, Democrats, Moms & Politics, Politics, Women in Politics, Women Online|3 Comments

So where was I this week when I wasn't here? Working away as 2012 Election Editor at iVillage iVote with posts about the biggest and best gaffes of the campaign season (so far!), President Obama's commencement speech at Barnard College where he told women grads they should fight for their seat at the head of [...]