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“A brilliant fist-pumping, ‘hell-yeah!’ great read. Bipartisan proof … of the power & validity of women in the political arena through their savvy use of social media.” –Lara DiPaola, & author, Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom blog

“One of the most important political books of 2012!” — Jason Williams, Host of For The People Show, KVNU Radio, Provo, Utah

“A real awakening about women online!” — Maggie Linton, co-host, Cover to Cover show, XM/Sirius Radio

” …[P]ositive and energizing, no matter whether you’re a C-SPAN junkie or barely get a second to skim the headlines over coffee. [Mothers of Intention] is a great reminder that while mothers differ on specific issues, our common concern for our kids’ futures unites us.”– Cool Mom Picks,


From her vantage point in the nation’s capitol, Joanne Bamberger–political and media strategist/analyst, author, and recovering attorney known around the blogosphere as PunditMom– reveals the powerful impact social media tools have had in amplifying female voices in American politics today.

Born out of women’s writings on websites and blogs, Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America examines the rise of the motherhood political movement and how women have become a larger, more powerful presence in political activism.  Women make up the majority of online users and utilize the Internet more effectively than men overall. As a result, they are rapidly growing in political influence.

In the first book to describe this new political idiom, Bamberger traces and analyzes the ever-growing trend, and incorporates powerful essays by notable female commentators including: Pulitzer Prize winner Connie Schultz, Mom-101’s Liz Gumbinner, Veronica Arreola of Viva la Feminista, Jaelithe Judy of MOMocrats and MomsRising’s Lisa Frack, among others.

Mothers of Intention debunks the commonly held notion that motherhood renders women mute when it comes to public policy and electoral politics. With the authority of a veteran political commentator, Bamberger documents the emergence of a collective female voice in politics. Describing today’s complex political scene with humor, intelligence and humility, and explaining what it means to be a mother within it, Mothers of Intention provides a perspective that often eludes works of social commentary authored by a single individual.

An important coda to the last presidential election and the essential gender issues it raised, Mothers of Intention is must reading for anyone wanting to understand what motivates women in the political arena or looking to get a vote in the next election.

Joanne Bamberger is a writer, political and media analyst and social media consultant. In addition to writing her own political blog, PunditMom, she was a regular contributor at AOL’s Politics Daily and The Huffington Post, as well as MOMocrats and Babble Voices.   Bamberger was also a contributing editor for News & Politics at BlogHer.  A former op-ed columnist for the Washington Examiner, Joanne’s work has also appeared in a variety of publications such as the Washington Post, Legal Times, Washingtonian Magazine and many others. Her political commentary has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, XM POTUS Radio, BBC Radio, and more.

Advance praise for Mothers of Intention

“Who better than Joanne Bamberger to pen this provocative look at the rising power and clout of what is fast becoming a formal political force in this country… essential reading for anybody who values a glimpse of the future – and the key matriarchal forces that will be shaping it” – Claire Shipman, Senior National Correspondent for Good Morning America

“The next time anyone complains about the lack of political participation by mothers, please give them a copy of the Mothers of Intention. As Joanne Bamberger brilliantly points out, mothers of all political persuasions are running for office and as engaged as ever, even as they take a business call on one hand and diaper a baby on the other. The traditional media ignores these hungry and accomplished women at their peril. – Elisa Batista, co-founder of MotherTalkers, a Daily Kos community

“Politicians and pundits take heed–if you want to know what women (moms in particular) are thinking and how they’re voting, look no further than Joanne Bamberger’s insightful Mothers of Intention.  Bamberger collects and analyzes some of the best political writing on the internet. Mothers from across the political spectrum weigh in on their thoughts on politicians from Palin to Clinton (Hillary, that is), issues from abortion to equal rights, and recount their own involvement in politics, from the PTA to the halls of Congress. Bamberger’s pioneered the political momblog with her PunditMom blog and is a leading voice for progressive mothers. – Glennia Campbell, co-founder of MOMocrats blog

Mothers of Intention is required reading for anyone who wants to work successfully with women in social media. Joanne Bamberger does a wonderful job of shredding the stereotype “soccer mom” in favor of smart women who vote. And, yes, some of these women just happen to be somebody’s mother. – Lisa Stone,  co-founder and CEO of BlogHer

“Joanne Bamberger is a wise and powerful writer who has spearheaded the growth of a whole new school of opinion journalism: the punditmom idiom.  In Mothers of Intention she shares the spotlight with a wide range of women writers who together infuse the idea that “the personal is political” with renewed meaning. Her book is essential reading, and a wake-up call to anyone still unaware of the galvanizing power of social media. – Judith Warner,  author of Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety and New York Times contributor

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